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As a native Floridian, Liza has always had an innate fascination and appreciation for the flora and fauna of our local ecosystems. In addition to creating art that is colorful, intricate, and filled with whimsy, she also has a hard time resisting a good pun! By creating art that depicts aspects of native life, Liza hopes to instill a sense of awe and respect for the incredible places and creatures we all love and share. Manatees have always had a special place in her heart at the OG mermaid of Florida!

About the Artist:

Liza Compass

Inspired by lucid dreams and the majesties of the natural world, the work of Liza Compass straddles the boundary between Realism and Surrealism, falling into a realm the artist lovingly terms “Dreamscape Realism” to describe the art created from her mind’s eye. Like most creatives, the work of Liza Compass sprouts from deep within her personal psyche. After struggling with crippling depression, anxiety, and lack of self-identity for most of her life, she eventually grew frustrated with self-imposed expectations of what art “should be” and “is allowed to be,” overwhelmed to the point of quitting all together. By contrast, her modern work tells a familiar story of perseverance, self-mastery, acceptance, and love; accessible to all who are willing and able to look within to face themselves.

Emotional potency is the driving force behind everything Liza does, which she hopes to communicate to the viewer through her choices in color, motion, texture, and juxtapositional elements. Her work embodies the celebration of timeless lessons, intelligent design, and the power of creative expression; as we are all perfectly designed, intentional expressions of the creator with our own special purpose.”

Instagram: @LizaCompass