mermaid statue

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Mermaid Location

4108 Shoal Line Blvd.
Hernando Beach, FL 34607
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Alina’s name means “bright light” in Greek and matches her glowing personality and bright color of her body. This mermaid is a deep-sea creature, with spots that glow like that of a squid or jelly fish who lives deep in the ocean. Her tail fin is transparent and bioluminescent. She sits on a dark rock covered in shining stars and a luminous octopus. Visit this statue at night to see it in a whole new perspective!

About the Artist:

Tori Maxim

Tori is a local artist here in Tampa Bay. Born and raised in Alaska, she finds beauty in nature and animals that is reflected in her art. As long as she can remember she’s had a crayon or paintbrush in her hand, and big ideas in her head. She earned a Bachelor of Art at the University of Alaska and hasn’t stopped creating since. She works primarily in oil and acrylic paints, but also dabbles in many other mediums such as pencil, chalk pastel, clay sculpting, and more. “My dream is to become a full-time artist and to make as many people smile with my work as possible!”