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4242 Lake in the Woods Dr.
Spring Hill, FL 34607
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Ila is the mermaid of reflected light. She has the ability to control wavelengths of light and can create beautiful color projections on numerous things in nature. Her royal seat of colorful rocks enables her to spread lights of color far and wide. Her bright tie-dyed tail reflects one of the many colorful designs that Ila can create.

About the Artist:

Roxanne Marie Campbell

As a recently retired art teacher of 40 years, Rita has found more time to explore the story of color and detail in her own work. Her love of nature and photography has allowed her to feel closer to the subjects that she studies, and she has found that she can easily express her feelings through mixed media painting. Working in a photorealistic style permits her to begin the process with her graphic design background style, then develop into an experimental style exploring various types of art media. Using her own photographs that capture clusters of objects from nature, she is easily able to examine all parts of the photo by enlarging it onto my over-sized canvas, which then allows her to get “inside” each section. The process of her works starts out very descriptive, and then transforms into a perceptual experience that invites the viewer to become a participant of the work.”