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1360 Anderson Snow Rd.
Spring Hill, FL 34609
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Wondering where to begin your mermaid journey? Let the Mermaid Tale Trail Passport guide you. We've put together an itinerary featuring a recommended path to discover all twenty-seven statues, starting from our Welcome Center in the charming historic district of Brooksville.

Nico & The Velvet Underwater

Nico loves to sing and play guitar; she formed a band with her underwater friends! Jesse Dolphin plays drums, Sassy Seahorse plays sax with her sister Valeri on trumpet, and then there’s Peter Turtle on keys. Inspired to name themselves after one of her favorite bands, this mermaid and the band play local underwater shows and practice once a week. Nico knows that to be truly great at her craft, she must work diligently and consistently, while never giving up and staying positive. If she stays true to herself and she works hard, she can accomplish her dreams of traveling the entire ocean, bringing her unique sound, light and energy to the world. In the process, others will notice her passion and dedication. Many that notice will help and support her as she grows and touches the lives of everyone around her.

About the Artist:

Jesse Kasabian

Jesse currently resides in Brooksville, Florida. He enjoys making all kinds of art from painting with brushes or spray paint to photography, digital art, and video production. He has experience in commercial video production and has painted a couple of murals for local businesses. His work is inspired by pop culture, social issues, and mostly involves emotion and the human condition. Jesse uses bright and bold colors to emphasize his appreciation for (and to remind others of) the strange, sometimes sad, but undeniably beautiful world we live in.