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8466 Northcliffe Blvd.
Spring Hill, FL 34606
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Wondering where to begin your mermaid journey? Let the Mermaid Tale Trail Passport guide you. We've put together an itinerary featuring a recommended path to discover all twenty-seven statues, starting from our Welcome Center in the charming historic district of Brooksville.


Pasha, the mermaid, loves all the creatures she shares the ocean with, but she is especially fascinated by the Octopus. Beneath the waves, she has become friends with many species of Octopi, playing fun games like hide and seek. Over the years, she has learned just how smart and interesting these creatures are – They are great at hiding, using their abilities to change color, and their lack of bones to hide in tight spaces. Pasha loves to share fun facts about her friends – “Did you know that an octopus has three hearts and blue blood?” She may get a little carried away, but with every person she meets, she hopes to leave them inspired, wanting to learn all there is to know about the amazing world underwater!

About the Artist:

Angela Farinelli

Angela is a long-time resident of Florida and currently lives in Hernando Beach. She attended the Art Institute as well as Palm Beach State College.

Her occupations have included screen printer, candy maker and graphic designer, but her first love is painting. Florida’s lush tropical colors make for a beautiful palette! Her artistic mediums include resin, acrylic, airbrush, and mosaic glass; she also creates custom murals on residential properties and volunteers, creating murals for animal rescue groups and other non-profits in South Florida.

Angela’s paintings have been on exhibit at the Oakland Park Art Festival and at the Art on the Avenue Gallery in Hollywood, Florida. You can find her works for sale in local shops in Hernando Beach and Hudson, Florida.

Website: ArtVista61