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4291 Shoal Line Blvd.
Hernando Beach, FL 34607
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The Rebel

A rebel mermaid, she has fiery red hair and old-school sailor jerry tattoos. She is inspired by the artist’s father, a former tattoo artist.

About the Artist:

Autum Proctor

Autum Proctor was born Lawrence, Massachusetts, but spent her formative years in Spring Hill, Florida. A second-generation artist, the daughter of a tattoo artist, she has been a painting instructor for college students and amateur artists from childhood to twilight years; teaching for almost a decade.

Autum is the owner and sole proprietor of Traveling Art Parties, a company serving the greater Tampa area, as well as a Bob Ross Certified Instructor.

She says, “There is nothing that drives me more than a student who is certain they ‘can’t paint’ and then seeing the look on their face after a two-hour session (where) they’ve produced a landscape or portrait of their pet that they never dreamed could come from their own hand. There is no challenge I won’t tackle, and I am constantly working to be able to interpret a client’s desire through my own prism and produce a work that they enjoy.”