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15470 Flight Path Dr.
Brooksville, FL 34604
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Wondering where to begin your mermaid journey? Let the Mermaid Tale Trail Passport guide you. We've put together an itinerary featuring a recommended path to discover all twenty-seven statues, starting from our Welcome Center in the charming historic district of Brooksville.

Tifara: Mermaid Goddess of Deep Open Waters

Tifara is a mermaid who lives in warm tropical waters surrounding islands located near the equator. Her colorful hair and tail help her blend into the coral reef environment she inhabits, where she can remain camouflaged to the human eye until she wants to be seen.

About the Artist:

Jancie Uribe

Jancie Marissa Uribe is an eco-friendly media artist currently residing in Lady Lake, Florida. From henna ink to pen art and painting to refurbishing vintage items and caricatures – any type of challenge, she is willing to try.

Her passion is to bring her love for reducing waste for others to view, and integrate as much day-to-day life into my art. Her creative spark could be dated back to her third word being “circle,” meaning, ‘she wanted to draw’.

She always admired her pop’s out-of-the-box ideas, and what he has offered for advice. Hearing the same words from different people, the most valuable lesson there is to art is “If you love it, stick to it.” Because art is for the creator, not the consumer, she hopes to continue her passions and display more art.”