Our Sponsors

The Florida Mermaid Trail Walking Tour start up expenses were graciously covered by the Lowman Family Foundation. We are grateful for their continued investment into our city and Brooksville Main Street.

The Lowman Family Foundation is dedicated to strengthening and sustaining a vibrant local community. The foundation supports locally based organizations that are committed to improving the quality of present and future generations, as well as to stimulate long-lasting progress towards economic growth of our area.

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Brooksville Main Street is a Brooksville Vision Foundation project in cooperation with The City of Brooksville and Hernando County. Our goal is to revitalize Historic Downtown Brooksville and encourage economic development and historic preservation. We do that through beautification projects, assistance to businesses, promotion of the city, and exciting events to add value to city life.

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Florida’s Adventure Coast Visitors Bureau’s mission is to identify, create, support and enhance activities, consistent with community assets that increase visitation and provide local economic impact. The TDC and the Visitors Bureau are pleased to support the Florida Mermaid Trail and Brooksville Main Street in our united effort to bring economic vitality to downtown Brooksville and Florida’s Adventure Coast. Contact the Visitors Bureau at 352.754.4405 or info@FloridasAdventureCoast.com.

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